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Plant Markers, Garden Stakes and Plant Labels and are a great way to label your plants. They are quite durable and economical. If you are looking for a unique Garden Marker to identify your plants try printing your own with our Computer Imprintable Labels.


Plant Labels

Computer Imprintable Labels for Laser Printers
Now you can generate unique, high quality, long lasting plant labels on your computer and printer. Print the labels on your laser printer and cover them with a clear Sun Block cover (included). Both labels and Sun Block covers have an outdoor rated adhesive to be sure they will last a long time when applied to the marker. The special label material is also specially designed for outdoor use. Your labels will be protected from the harmful effects of water and sunlight. Use with Green Plant stake #320-090GR or cut to size for use with other markers. Each package contains 25 labels and 25 Sun Block covers. NOT FOR USE WITH INKJET PRINTERS

A simple 4 step process:

1. Define the size and layout of the labels using your favorite label program. You only need to do this once and we provide instructions. If you are having problems getting them set up, give us a call at 928 282-1049 and we will email you a template.

2. Design your own unique labels. Your imagination is just about the only limit. Add photo's, clip art, fancy text and borders. Personalize each label with a name or photo.

3. Print your labels using your laser printer.

4. Remove label backing to expose the adhesive. Apply the label to your marker and finish with a Sun Block cover for UV protection (included with labels). If you are using markers other than our Green Stake #320-090GR you may need to trim the label to fit your marker.


Size: 4.0" x 1 3/4"
Part Number: 400-175
Price:  $11.95/pkg. of 25 labels and 25 Sun Block covers


Yes! They do work, Here's what a gardener in Maine had to say.
"Just wanted to let you know the garden marker stakes with the computer printed labels have been in my gardens since the summer of 2001 and look almost new! They have been in my northeastern and southwestern gardens for the past two summers and two winters. They survived the salt air during summer storms, the fog, and this year's harsh winter with below normal temperatures and a lot of snow.  I've tried all kinds of plant markers and pens in the past and most were destroyed or un-readable after the first winter."  
                          MJG    Coast of Maine August 2003