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Engraved Metal Plant Markers, Garden Stakes and Plant Labels are a great way to label your plants. They are quite durable and attractive. If you are looking for a quality Garden Marker to identify your plants try our Engraved Metal Garden Markers.


Engraved Metal Plant Markers


Engraved Zinc Botanical Markers
Finally, an economical botanical look to identify a variety of plants. Custom engraved with 2 lines of text in your choice of fonts. These durable markers truly offer a professional presentation in your garden. The marking will last as long as the marker. Send us you file with the plant names to info@gardenmarker.com. Remember to enter your order on the shopping cart as well. They are available in two sizes.  11.5" and 21.0". It usually takes 1-2 weeks to ship.
Engraved Zinc Markers - 11.5" tall
Size: 11.5" tall with 1.25" x 3.5" nameplate
Part Number: 320-080LE                                                                                                Made in the USA
Price:  $3.20 each
Tall Engraved Zinc Markers - 21.0" tall
Size: 21.0" tall with 1.25" x 3.5" nameplate
Part Number: 320-079LE                                                                                                Made in the USA
Price:  $3.50 each

To submit the information you want on your marker: After placing the order, send your files to info@gardenmarker.com. Be sure to include your name so we can match the file to your order. Let us know what font you want to use.



                 Fonts to Choose from:                     Each line can be a different font.


Arial Italic

Brush Script MT

Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS Italic

Footlight MT Light

Footlight MT Light Italic

Harlow Solid Italic

Times New Roman

Times New Roman Italic

Engraving Tip:

To make your marker easy to read, limit the characters to about 18 per line.



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