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Submitting your Sign Files: We accept most file types. If you have you signs designed and sized properly you can submit a PDF or JPEG file, or the original file you used to design your signs. If you simply have the text and an idea of what you want, we will be happy to help you design your signs. Just sent over the information you want on your signs and we will design them and send you a proof for approval. Again, we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Photos should be at least 300 dpi. If you copy a photo or logo from a website it is most likely a low resolution photo and will be fuzzy.


A Bleed: Every Dura-Last color sign that has a background color                                                                                                  or picture on the edge of the sign requires a bleed. What is a bleed?                                                                                                        It is a .25" border, or extra margin around the sign. For instance, if your                                                                                               sign is 5" x 4" we need the finished sign to be 5.25" x 4.25". Just remember,                                                                                     don't simply stretch the sign to be larger, but increase the size of the                                                                                               background color or picture, leaving the other components of the sign sized                                                                                      the same. If you are not sure, just ask.


How much text can I put on my sign? That is a question we are often asked. And the answer is, it depends on how far people will be viewing it from. As a rule of thumb text that is 1" high can be read from 10' away. Remember, the simpler your sign is, the easier it is to read.


Which sign is right for me? 

The Dura-Last and the Engraved signs are our most popular. While both are excellent choices the decision can be difficult. The engraved signs will last far longer and we can add a photo or logo to add interest. However the material is anodized aluminum and the surface can be scratched if someone is determined to put their initial on it with a pocket knife. And if your signs will be displayed in a salt air environment, these are not for you. The anodized coating will 'pit'. However, we offer Stainless Steel engraved signs, which are designed to last in salt spray! They are available in 2 sizes, 2" x 3.5" and 5" x 4". Because of the natural brushed surface photos do not work well on the stainless steel, but we can add a line drawing. The Dura-Last signs are a favorite because the color draws a lot of interest to the sign. However they will eventually fade. Depending on your environmental conditions you will start to see some fading in about 5 years. 

TAPE? Will the tape used on my engraved or Dura-Last sign hold up outside?

Yes, the 3M™ VHB™ tape we use will withstand the extreme heat and cold, moisture and UV light. Unlike rivets and screws, the tape provides a barrier sealed against any kind of weather. The tape forms a virtually invisible bond, for a sleek, eye-catching sign that will stand up to the elements. This is the same tape used in the automotive industry to hold door panels on cars etc. together.

OH NO, I assembled my Dura-Last or Engraved sign and it is crooked:

Occasionally when you assemble the sign and stake it can slip and go together crooked. If you simply try to pull or pry off the sign, the sign will bend. Instead twist the sign off of the sign holder. Hold, the stake and twist the sign loose.


How do I send the information I want on my signs? 

There is no place to attach your files, but you can simply send them to


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